The Mindful approach to breath and body in our practices impacts clarity of mind and activates our deep core line.

I am Silvia, a Yoga lover/instructor, filmmaker and queer-femme identified being.

I started practicing Yoga as a rescue remedy against hard contemporary/post modern discontent almost 10 years ago and it worked! The process of learning from my teachers and from myself, my shadows and boundaries, connecting and exploring, helped in developing hope, joy and acceptance. Today I am still in love with the practice, still approaching Yoga with a beginner’ s mind willing to discover, experiment and study, to develop collaborations and bond with other beings.

Graduated as Zen Yoga teacher and Dynamic Mindfulness Meditation by teacher Tatjana Mesar, my classes are focused on the principle of Mindfulness with attention towards classical asanas and contemporary biomechanics.

The classes offered are a balance of grounding/core/balance/inversions exercises and guided meditation, effort and ease, curated soundtrack and silence.

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