Tuesdays at 20.00 and Wednesdays at 14.00 at HeileHaus, Community Pricing applied, drop-in classes: donation 7 to 10 Euros depending on your budget.

Hearth Yoga is Urban Sport Club and ClassPass partner.

Monthly Abo: 8×50 Euros (6,25 Euros per class, commitment to participate to class twice a week -Tuesdays and Wednesdays- price to pay at the beginning of the month).



Check the Classes Schedule for more info and monthly updates.



Release stress and tensions and adjust body postures. The sequencing of the classes focus on Mindful breath techniques to calm the mind and asanas to energise the body, reducing daily fatigue from sitting behind desks & screens. In those specially designed classes, consensual body adjustments and re-educational alignments are the main focus, in order to educate the body to release psychological and physical stress at work as well as at home.

60 to 75 minutes class by your company: 60-70 Euros


HOME PRIVATE CLASSES at Hearth Yoga or at Your place

Uniquely designed classes regarding special topics and asanas exploration decided together with the student and specifically created for the need of the single student. Develop your strength  and flexibility, help focusing and calming the mind, exploring postures and deepening the poses.

60 to 75 minutes: 35 to 50 Euros (+10 Euros for extra student)