Tarot Course

EMBODYNG THE MAJOR ARCANA FLYERTarot course about symbolism and meaning of Major Arcana through Mindful Movement. More info here

This course is a combination of two deep systems: tarot reading and mindful practice.

As a Yoga and Meditation teacher as well as a Tarot reader, the course will incorporate asanas and movement in order to allow the student to dig into the archetype of the Major Arcana of the Tarot. We are gonna deepen into the cards -Rider-Waite-Smith deck- analyzing their colors, symbols and meanings. The students will also be invited to create their own library of symbols. The goal is not simply to rely on what someone else tells you about the meanings of the symbols but growing your personal experience around it.

Placing a flow and poses connected to each Major Arcana card, offers the Tarot reader an opportunity to embody the archetype in a fresh and personal way. Combining asanas with the cards, and calling the major archetypes to mind while inside the postures, can help us embody the lessons of the archetype. By linking the archetype with the breath and the flow, we will experience and express our own visions around it. The course will be divided into three cycles of 7 Arcana each (I: The Empowerment Cards (1-7), II: The Transformation Cards (8-14), III: The Enlightenment Cards (15-0)). In order to create a safer place for the students and a greater work environment, students are invited to register for at least one complete cycle.

Main points of the course:

-Meaning and symbolism of each Major Arcana (each class is dedicated to one Arcana)

-basic of intuitive Tarot reading

-curated flows that deepen into a peak pose. For each class, we will translate the meaning of the Arcana into movements based on Yoga asanas and Dynamic Mindfulness.

-breath-mind-body centering

Private and 3+ people lessons are now available online. Please write to: intuitivetarotberlin@gmail.com or check the Intuitive Tarot page.