HEARTH means home, especially when seen as a place of comfort and love.
We believe in Yoga as the place to come together, in a space where you feel free to just be and tune in with your own Body, Mind and Breath. By keeping the precious curiosity of a beginner’ s mind, we can explore the restorative power of linking breath to movement.
The Mindful approach to breath and body in our practices impacts clarity of mind and activates our deep core line.
Hearth Yoga values*
-In our studies as teachers we are aware of the constant whitewashing of Yoga and we keep reflecting upon it, to avoid reproducing privilege in an oppressive way
-Mainstream language used in yoga classes can be very harmful. We’ll try our best to create a more queer and trans* friendly, body-positive space through an empathic lens of acceptance
-As teachers we aim to be aware of and to reflect upon stereotypical understandings of health and specifically to question its normativity
*From “We are not a Yogastudio” Manifesto, written together with Diana Thielen